Our Story

Coming from Oklahoma to the Rio Grande Valley in 1978, the Vinita family purpose was to follow God’s lead to serve as missionaries to Mexico. Studying and learning Spanish at Kingsway Missionary Institute in McAllen, Texas prepared Pastor Jim Vinita to work in  Mexico with the Victoria Bible Institute where he served for over six years. After that time, the Holy Spirit directed Pastors Jim and  Joyce Vinita to open their home, on the U.S. side of the border, for Sunday worship and Bible study. Fellow missionary families, who were hungry for fellowship, worship and family love, began to come and to be saved. Pastor Jim preached the Word in the kitchen to the people seated in the adjacent living room, while Joyce taught the children in the bedroom.

All the family, James, Joanna, Jacquie and Jennifer participated in preparation and service to those who came. Soon their home was overflowing with people, which was the beginning of Abundant Grace Community Church. Growth occurred so that the services were moved through succession from the Vinita home to a borrowed recreation hall in a local mobile home park, to a Banquet room of a nearby hotel. In 1983, after continued growth, four and a half acres of land was purchased on McColl Road in Edinburg, Texas. There, the first chapel building was built. Smaller classrooms were added as the years went by until the early 90′s when a large sanctuary was built. By 1993 with the purchase of adjacent land, the growth of Abundant Grace Community Church was such that the current sanctuary was completed. Abundant Grace Community Church has grown from the Vinita’s home to the congregation you see now. The name of Abundant Grace Community Church tells the whole story. For, we believe there is more than enough grace for Him to touch and forever change your life for Jesus Christ.